Civil War

Pipestone County has strong ties to the Civil War as it was settled by veterans of the war. Pipestone was also the sight of the Southwestern Minnesota Grand Army of the Republic’s encampment in 1886.

Simon Mix Post #95

The largest post in Pipestone County was mustered in Pipestone. They had 151 known members and stopped activity in 1934.

U.S. Grant Post #80

The first GAR Post organized in Pipestone County, MN was in the town of Edgerton. It mustered in with 26 members in 1884, and appears to have been active through at least 1911.

Stephen Miller Post #139

Woodstock, Minnesota’s GAR Post, the Stephen Miller Post #139 was organized May 21, 1885. There were 23 known members over a 38 year span. The Post disbanded in 1923.

Veterans in Hillside Cemetery

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