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The Pipestone County Historical Society Meets the Ferris Grand Block

Rehabilitation of the Ferris Grand

In 2015 PCHS partnered with the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota in conducting an Evaluation of Building Conditions, Decorative Finishes & Reuse Alternatives for the Ferris Grand Block, specifically the Masonic Hall portion of the building.  This evaluation has served as a conditions assessment as the rehabilitation and preservation of the building moves forward. In 2019… Continue reading Rehabilitation of the Ferris Grand

Ferris’s Silent Partner

A.D. Ferris had a vision for a grand opera hall in Pipestone.  He did not have the personal means to finance it, but he still saw that it was done.  He “subscribed” a number of seats in the future opera hall for $5 each.  He also convinced 15 people in the community to back the… Continue reading Ferris’s Silent Partner

The Pipestone County Historical Society Meets the Ferris Grand Block

Late in 2013 PCHS acquired ownership of the Ferris Grand Block (masonic hall,) including the separate “L” building.  It was given by the Pipestone Masonic Bodies with the mind to preserve the historic building.  This acquisition, which more than doubled the square footage PCHS was responsible for, came with quite a responsibility.  With staff and… Continue reading The Pipestone County Historical Society Meets the Ferris Grand Block

One of the most striking features of the Ferris is the large murals that adorn the walls of the Masonic Lodge room. These beautiful murals were painted by a German artist, Leo Henke, in 1917.  Mr. Henke was not a Mason.  He received the inspiration for the murals from a 1903 edition of “The Illustrated History of Freemasonry.”  Mr. Henke’s renditions are amazingly accurate to the book.  He charged $85 for painting the murals.

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