Never a Dull Moment

During the winter of 2017-2018 we received quite a bit of snow and by the early spring there was a pile of it in the Commemorative Garden, the area between the Museum Building, the Moore Block and the “L” Building.  One afternoon, probably in late April, as the snow pile was rapidly melting, I saw a piece of debris starting to poke out and I thought briefly in passing “that looks like someone is missing a roof hatch.”  I passed by there the next afternoon and as more of it was visible, I realized it was indeed a roof hatch, and it looked a lot like the one on the Ferris Grand probably did.  I hurried up around the corner and into the Ferris Grand, all the way up to the attic level to check, and sure enough there was a great patch of daylight streaming into the attic where the roof hatch was supposed to be.  I quickly notified the Board of Directors and several of them showed up immediately to see about putting it back in its place.

Its not as easy at it might seem, to replace a flown off roof hatch.  For one thing, you cannot replace it from the inside because of course it won’t fit through the hole it is supposed to be covering.  And there is no direct exterior roof access.  So great minds quickly came up with a plan and executed it to save the day.  The Ferris Grand roof hatch is now back in its place and securely bolted down so flying off in a strong wind is no longer an option.  (Which might have been the case with the robust winds we have had since then.)  Hard telling what this winter will bring, but that hatch isn’t going anywhere!

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