Research Policies

Pipestone County Museum Research Services & Policies

Research services are available at the Pipestone County Museum. With a paid admission (or membership) all visitors have access to our archives.  We also provide paid research services.

Please be specific in what you are looking for when you contact us. The more specific you are as to names (first and last, if possible), time period, and where the person lived, the more we can help you.

To begin your research, please call our staff at (507) 825-2563 or fill out this contact form.  Requests for research are accepted via email, letter or phone.

Archival Use Policy:

Archival Resources include materials on paper and microfilm held by the Pipestone County Historical Society (PCHS). Use is subject to the following restrictions:

  • All research use and reproduction of archival materials is to occur at the Museum — none are to leave the premises without permission of the Museum Director.
  • All reproductions of these materials in any form (photocopies, scans, etc.) are to be made only by the Museum Staff.  Such reproductions are made only for research purposes and are subject to copy charges.
  • Personal scanners or photography of the archives are NOT permitted.
  • Personal computers are allowed in the research area, but not recommended due to space restrictions.
  •  Any reproduction of said materials with intent to sell, distribute, or circulate these materials in any form or to present them as the actual or intellectual property of the seller or distributor is a violation of applicable U.S. Copyright Laws and will be treated accordingly, subject to any and all criminal penalties.
  • In published or unpublished works, credit must be given and sources cited for independent research done or research assistance given by past or present Museum Staff, Volunteers, Society members, or related Contributors. In addition, citations, quotations, and other intellectual property from primary and secondary sources in the Museum’s files, archives, library, etc. must be credited, subject to applicable academic standards and Copyright Laws.

Turn around time: Research is done as staff time is available.

Photographic Use Policy:

Photographic Resources include original and reproduction photos, slides, digital images, and all other forms of image reproduction held or produced by PCHS.

  • Photographic Resources are subject to all usage conditions which apply to Archival Resources as listed above.
  • Reproductions made for individuals’ personal use may not be further reproduced in any form without express written permission from PCHS.
  • If photos are to be reproduced for publication, exhibit, commercial use, or any other than use than personal, a Photographic Agreement from the Pipestone County Museum must be signed by both the User and a Representative of PCHS before any photos or reproductions are released to the User.
  • Any use of the photographs in violation of this Photographic Agreement or unauthorized use in the absence of such agreement is a violation of applicable U.S. Copyright Laws and will be treated accordingly, subject to any criminal penalties.

Research Fees

Research Fees: 

  • $3 museum admission fee for non-members includes access to the archives.
  • Research done by staff is $15.00 per hour.
  • There is a copy fee of 50 cents per page.

Photo Reprint Fees:

  • 5×7 — $20.00
  • 8×10 — $25.00
  • 11×14 — $35.00
  • 16×20 — $50.00

Orders are processed every two weeks.  Depending upon receipt of the order, turn around time could be up to one month.  For rush orders, double the price.  Prints and Digital Imaging from our collections will have PCHS copyright and permission labels.

Digital Imaging Fees:

  • 150 ppi, low resolution scans:  $10 per scan (web display, power point, school reports, etc.)
  • 600 ppi, high resolution scans:  $20 per scan (better quality for printing and publishing)

Postage and Shipping Fees: 

Based on total cost of order:

  • $0.01 – $20.00 — $4.00
  • $20.01 – $60.00 — $5.00
  • $60.01 – $100.00 — $7.00
  • $100.00 – $300.00 — $9.00
  • Over $300.00 — $12.00
  • International shipping may incur additional fees


  • 11×17 Township Plat Poster in color (1914 only) — $5.00


  • The Museum accepts check, money order or credit card as payment for research.