Community Collection

Pipestone County Museum’s Toy Collection

The Museum is sharing a portion of its toy collection in the Community Collection case through March. Take a look at what toys previous generations of children played with and see which ones kids might still play with today.

Toy History

Tinkertoys:  Charles Pajeau created the Tinkertoy Construction set in 1914 after watching children play with sticks and empty spools of thread.

Lincoln Logs: Invented around 1916 by John Lloyd Wright while working in Japan with his father, architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Barbie:  Created by Ruth Handler, Barbie debuted in 1959 with Ken following in 1961. The first Barbie Dreamhouse came out in 1962.

Spirograph:  Denys Fisher, a British engineer invented the Spirograph. It was first sold in 1965.