History Kits

The following kits are available for check out for a period of one week from the Pipestone County Museum. Please call [(507) 825-2563] in advance; no same day check out service available! For more information on the check out process be sure to read the usage agreement. An agreement will need to be filled out and signed at time of check out.

Dutch Oven Cooking

Cast iron tripod, Dutch oven, lid lifter, heavy duty leather gloves, and 2 cookbooks full of recipes that cover breakfast to dessert come in this kit. If you ever wanted to explore this method of cooking but weren’t sure where to start, this kit has you covered. Also included is the informational binder on how to use and care for the Dutch oven as well as some facts on how the Dutch oven came into existence.

Butter Making Kit

This kit comes with a glass, hand-crank assembly churn. The information binder includes directions on how to make butter and care for the churn plus some fun butter facts.

Candle Dipping Kit

This kit includes a single electric burner, pot holders, ladle, canner and metal coffee can for melting wax to create dipped candles. Plan ahead, you will need to purchase paraffin wax and wicks which can be found in many craft stores or online stores.

Ice Cream Making Kit

All the pieces of a hand churned ice cream maker are included in this kit. The informational binder has directions for assembly, care and use of the machine. There are also recipes. Check out the kit, purchase the needed ingredients and get ready to enjoy a tasty treat!

Indoor Games Kit

Plan to spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening playing some “old fashioned” games; just like many children did “back in the day”. The kit comes with marbles, dominos, pick up sticks, tops, nine pins, wooden dice and more! The informational binder includes directions on how to play. Sure to provide hours of fun!

Outdoor Games Kit

Tug-o-War, 3-Legged Races, Potato Sack Races, and Hopscotch are a few of the games you’ll find all the materials for with this kit. Also included are pieces for some traditional Native American games along with instructions for how to play them!

Herbology Kit

Use the vinyl replicas in this kit to learn to identify multiple plants that are native to Minnesota then head out into nature and test your newly gained knowledge. Also included in
this kit are books detailing how these plants were used for healing purposes prior to the creation of modern medicines.

History Kit Usage Agreement